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I have a vivid memory of being terrified of photographers as a kid. It was the early 2000's and our family journeyed to JCPenny for the traditional family portraits. You know the ones that are now awkward family photos?

I became nervous and upset for the photo session, so I pressed the fire alarm button in the elevator on the journey up. Luckily they told the fire department it was a false alarm.

I share this story, because I understand the nerves that come with being in front of the camera. That's why I was inspired to pick up the camera myself. So face your fears. Be seen! Let me help your experience in front of the lens enjoyable. 

After studying light and creating images for over 6 years, I'm ready to help your feel your best.

Let me help your vision come to life and create joyful images together!


Creator and owner of BekahTheHedge Photography. Started photography with a Canon Rebel T3.

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